Facts About Tile

Tile Facts

  • Your tile roof will act as an insulator for your attic.
  • If properly installed, tile is a permanent roof.
  • Tile can now be installed to meet 110 mph uplift requirements of the new code.  In most cases this only requires 2 screws in perimeter tile and one screw in field tiles.
  • Tile weighs about 1000 pounds per square and may require reinforcement to your roof structure.
  • Tile comes in 3 profiles and quite a number of sizes according to the manufacturer.
  • Tile comes in both cement and clay forms.  There are some clay tile roofs which have been in place for some 400 years.
  • Clay tiles are moulded and then baked.  They are fragile like ceramics.
  • Most cement or concrete tiles are extruded.  They are much more uniform than clay and will lay with variable laps.
  • Clay tiles are interlocking, which means that one bottom corner and the opposing top corner are cut off from each tile.  This gives the clay tiles more chance to leak than the cement tiles.
  • All cement is porous..  This includes cement tiles.  That means that in a given period of time the tiles will absorb water. 
  • Tile manufacturers used to sell tile with a slurry coat and color as superior to those which had no slurry coat, because the slurry coat slowed the penetration of water.
  • Today some manufacturers sell tile with oxide added in the cement as being premium because they say the color is all the way thru the tile and will not go away.  They mark this tile up and push it because it gives extra profit.
  • Other manufacturers only charge the extra which it costs for the oxide for the color thru tile.
  • None of the manufacturers will tell you that adding oxide to the tile weakens the mix and makes the tile difficult if not impossible for people to walk on.
  • I have no clue and they probably don't either as to how the added oxide will affect the life of the cement.
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